Juttersmu-Sea-um Zandvoort


Zandvoort has two museums, one is the Zandvoort Museum and the other one is our Juttersmu-SEE-um. The Juttersmu-SEE-um was founded by Victor Globe in May 2000. Since the opening around 400,000 visitors already visited the mu-SEE-um. There are many people who return several times to discover our new acquisitions.

Over the years the space has doubled. That had to be, our collection is getting bigger and bigger! Lifebuoys to bottles, special shells and even cow skeletons.

We placed five saltwater aquariums. The fish that live here are often no larger than a stamp when they arrive here, once they grow to big, they are placed back in the sea again.

Check out our photo collage of various beautiful pictures of our museum.

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Almost anything you can think of can be found in the Juttersmu-See-um.

In the showcases of the Juttersmu-Zee-um you can find anything from divers knives, to mammoth bones. You can listen to the impressive stories of real beachcombers and you can see what they have found on their strolls along the beach. In our small cinema we have continuously run information films and of course watching the sea live in one of the five aquariums is always interesting. There is a diorama, coloring and a touch table available for toddlers. At first glance it all seems just a lot of "junk" what is found, but immediately after the discovery the fantasizing about the history of the found object starts. Here in the museum you can get acquainted with the stories behind the findings.



comb the beach

Did you know that combing is actually a form of stealing? You go to the beach in search ofwashed up stuff, but anything you find on the beach is officially owned by the mayor of Zandvoort!

Combing is very exciting because you don't know in advance what you'll find on the beach. You don't know who the owner was and what the history is of what you've found.

It may be objects that sailors have lost or what is thrown overboard. Unfortunately many beach visitors also leave a lot of stuff and rubbish behind, which of course is not the intention! The most common objects to be found are nets, ropes, gloves and toothbrushes.

You're a real beachcomber when you walk on beach in bad weather and you discover something very special. Beachcombing is a centuries-old tradition, which used to emerge from poverty. In those days it was, a search for stuff that people could use themselves.


Unique findings

Of course there are also some unique findings, some very special, old stuff. In 2008 a beachcomber of our Mu-SEE-um, found a piece of aluminum. It seemed at first glance that it was a piece of an airplane. On the found part was the number BX8 YA45 engraved. Of course, we verified it! After typing the number into Google it revealed that it was part of a missile ........

Of course the piece is still to be seen in our museum.

There are actually so many things to see and experience,- actually too many things to mention-, so ..... come and visit us!

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